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Welcome to the  official Jade Fox website!  Here you can find all the latest updates on new music, concerts, and general news concerning Jade Fox as well as other artist, producer, and company collaborations.  Be sure to regularly check back for updates and blog posts.   All suggestions and comments are welcomed, so if you feel the site is missing anything or you want get at Jade Fox directly, make sure to leave a comment.  Support independent music!

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"Don't Stop, Don't Sleep" live


REBEL NATION interview on The Scene DMV

Free Download-JFK Mixtape Vol I:Eternal Flame

JFK Mixtape Vol I: Eternal Flame

Jade Fox presents an original beats mixtape JFK Mixtape Vol I: Eternal Flame

  1. 1 Show's Over 00:26
  2. 2 Don't Tell Me 02:59
  3. 3 Fly Away w/Chyna Doll, Delano Dutch 04:20
  4. 4 Welcome Interlude w/Azealot, Delano Dutch 00:56
  5. 5 No Lie 02:20
  6. 6 State of Emergency 02:34
  7. 7 Love Drunk 04:01
  8. 8 Unstoppable Nuklehidz Interlude 00:39
  9. 9 The High w/Unstoppable Nuklehidz, Naomi 03:36
  10. 10 Anybody Hear 03:20
  11. 11 Vision w/Naomi 04:29
  12. 12 Live and Breathe 03:30
  13. 13 Shameless Plug Interlude 00:39
  14. 14 Three The Hard Way w/Matthew Edwards, Fresh Competition 04:00
  15. 15 Fine Line 04:42
  16. 16 Artist Confession w/Weapon O, Rrice, Juice 03:30
  17. 17 Yoda Interlude 00:47
  18. 18 D-Up w/Delano Duth, H.I. 04:30
  19. 19 Call of Duty w/Delano Dutch, Kane Mayfield, Conscious 08:27
  20. 20 All I Ever Wanted to Be w/Delano Dutch, Fresh Competition, Naomi 04:49
  21. 21 This Situation 04:13
  22. 22 Bonus Interlude 02:04


Get Up from the CD release Party!

Ashes of Another Life

Jade Fox - Ashes of Another Life
Ashes of Another Life is available on Itunes. Just click on the Itunes link and it will take you directly to the store where every track is available.

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Melodies Dance Around in My Head

Latest From Jade

Check out Jade Fox's First 5 Interview with Above Ground Magazine! Jade Fox First 5 interview. Make sure to check out Abovegroundmagazine.com for great coverage of the national underground hip hop scene.

New track playing right now as you read this.  "Fast Burn" produced by Nafis.  Straight underground shit, just to let it be known, we do this in our sleep and this is life, not a hobby .   Anyways more stuff to come with Nafis and various top notch producers in Maryland.  Come back or regret you didn't!  Happy Halloween everyone!   Mmmmmm, candy (Homer Simpson salivation enter here).

Brand new section to the website folks!  I've decided to add a video blog section with various footage from all my travels.  Keep checking it for performance footage from other independent artists, freestyles, interviews, or just some backstage antics.  Keep coming back, new videos will be posted regularly.  Hell, just put me in your favorites!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the recent show at the Ottobar!  It was a great night of live hip hop and make sure to check out the video blog section to see footage from the show.  Check out the new footage of  "Goodbye Now" featuring Delano and Ryan Whipps on guitar: 

Energy Rise

Got "Em Like

Free Good Music

Jade Fox is featured on the Food Chain Collective Mixtape and new album by producer X3M entitled The Project.  Both albums can be downloaded for free, just click on the album covers below. 

Food Chain Collective Mix CD


X3M - The Project


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